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Photo Gallery

The Arena The Arena Crude sketch of barn/indoor This is a crude drawing of how the barn area of the indoor will look. We will have a mezzanine, tack room, hay storage, shavings bin and a 150 x 80 sand riding area.....EXCITING 145664935 Just arriving What a production 147428233 Will it fit? Kinda like a round peg into a square hole! 147428234 Taa....daa Can not believe they made it 147428235 Ooops The drivers, Mark and Dave had to have a challenge of some sort 147428236 Almost done My stress level was just now starting to return to normal 147428237 Home base Just about to dump the trusses off the truck 147428238 And it begins 148815882 Wow...moving along It is going up quite quickly. 148815883 Cool night shot The lights make it look bigger than it is ( maybe not) 148815884 148815885 Gettin there Love this shot 148815886 149413790 The stalls We will have 6 stalls with turn outs and a wash down station at the end! 149414152 149413791 Building is up! Now we just have to get some stalls and footing. 149413793 Ariel view Looks even better from up here!! Thanks Mike W :>) 154069483

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